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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Melissa Bradley Is Here!

Foreign Affairs

Close your eyes and picture it…Exotic, distant lands…steamy, sultry nights where spices perfume the air and musical languages you don’t understand swirl around you. Can you see? Hear it? Look just over there beyond the crowd. There he stands, a gorgeous specimen of masculinity. He turns and looks directly at you. The quickening in your belly makes you feel warm and shivery. He smiles, then starts toward you with confident, liquid grace, a panther among house cats. His gaze homes in on you and you’re no longer thinking of what to drink, but rather of long, slow, wet kisses and heated caresses…

Ahem! Nearly went overboard there. These are exactly the kinds of things I was thinking about when I envisioned the plot for my new release, Byzantine Provocateur. I always wondered what it would be like to indulge in a foreign affair. The kind one loves to read about, the kind they make movies about, the kind one fantasizes about. Needless to say, my creative juices went into hyperdrive when I created this story. Enjoy!

Byzantine Provocateur

Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat

ISBN 978-1-61124-072-6


An ancient city sparks forbidden desire…
Thalia Burton arrives in Istanbul to relax and enjoy the company of her old friend. Hoping to forget the boring rut her life had become, she never imagines one meeting with Fadi's brother re-igniting the dim flame of passion inside her. Captivated by the heat in his golden eyes, Thalia finds herself tempted beyond reason...
Murat Bahar had only intended to meet Thalia as a courtesy to his family. One look at the lovely American incinerates his intentions. She is an exquisite morsel he longs to taste, a taboo treat enthralling him like a siren of myth. Perhaps just one night…
Once is not enough. Thalia and Murat embark on a fiery, secret affair that could burn them both, costing them friends and family.

Thalia and Murat are getting together for the very first time…

He caressed her in slow circles, kneading and rubbing her from breasts to belly. She quivered from the heat of his hand through the cotton of her shirt. Her breath hitched as he inched lower and lower. Palming her through her cargo pants, he massaged, squeezing and pressing until she thought she’d die.
Pliant and wanton, she dropped her head to his shoulder, undulating, pushing into his touch. Her blood sizzled, every cell in her body clamoring for him to be inside her and he hadn’t even started to remove her clothes. She whimpered, digging her nails into his forearm.
His lips curved in a smile against her neck. “Please…what?”
She inhaled sharply as he flicked open the button of her trousers.
“This?” He nipped her earlobe. “Or this?” Oh-so-slowly, he eased down her zipper, then teased a finger along the top of her panties.
She dragged in a breath. “I…I…”
Back and forth, he rubbed, skimming the top of her mound. She sagged against him, knees bent, thighs parting to give him better access.
Continuing to tease her, he reached up with his other hand up to cup her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. A wave of desire slammed through her and she cried out as he worked the hardened nub through the barrier of fabric.
Her vision clouded. “Murat!”
“Shh. This is only the beginning. We have plenty of time to play.”
She shuddered in frustration, wanting nothing more than to be flat on her back with him sliding inside her, bringing her to a volcanic climax. Something she hadn’t gotten from a lover in a long time. On the ragged edge, she tried to maneuver out of his embrace, take control.
He scraped his teeth over the nape of her neck and smacked her rear.
Hayir, no,” he rasped.
Clamping his hands to her hips, Murat walked her to the bed, the hard promise of his erection burning into her lower back. He ripped the duvet from the bed, scattering pillows, then pushed her onto the mattress.
Thalia sat stunned as Murat knelt between her thighs. What is he doing?
“The first time with a new lover should be a symphony of bliss, a journey to be savored.”
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DEZMOND said...

what a great review for a great book!
We adore Melsy Bradley!

Jessica Bell said...

Whoah. Steamy excerpt you have there! Great stuff! :o)

Melissa Bradley said...

@Dez Thank you sweetie for always being my cheerleader.

@Jessica Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed my little heated piece.

M. Hufstader said...

*Fans self*

Considering our recent flops in popular American novels, I occasionally lose faith in novels. And then I read someone who can actually wield words, and my faith if restored. So I owe you a thank you. Good luck promoting!

Melissa Bradley said...

@M Hufstader Holy cow! That is one of the highest compliments I have ever gotten, thank you so much.

Deniz Bevan said...

A Great review! And you think this is steamy... Just wait! I really enjoyed this book :-)