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Monday, June 20, 2011


I love love love EMMY ELLIS. She is an amazing person. She is an amazing talent. Writer, graphic artist, editor. You name it, she can do it. She's rare. And is honestly the sweetest, kindest, and most honest person.

And she makes me misty-eyed some days too. Today was one of those days. I told her I wanted a new banner for my email signature to promote Strip Down that is releasing on July 8.

So in my inbox I found a little gift from her. And here it is...

I am OVER THE MOON for this banner! Doing the happy dance here. Snoopy ain't got nothin' on ME!
Thank you, Emmy. YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Take Me Away by Tina Donahue Releases Today!

The fabulous and oh so talented Tina Donahue has a new release today from Ellora's Cave. She's such an amazing writer I just had to share a little of this book with everyone. I know you'll enjoy it!


Take Me Away
Tina Donahue

She’s everything he escaped…and all that he desires

Three years ago, Kyle turned his back on a pro-football career and being the target of tabloids or gold-digging groupies. Craving privacy, he gets it at his roadhouse in Northern California until Lexi Sands invades his life. Indulged and surely phony, she’s exactly what Kyle fled.

An actress since childhood, Lexi’s fresh out of an anger management program, court-ordered when she lashed out at a badgering paparazzo. Weary of the press’s harsh scrutiny, she sees Kyle’s secluded cabin as the ideal place to hide out and him as a damn-near perfect alpha male. Deliciously virile. Protective. Principled. She offers him serious cash to let her stay for two weeks, assuring there will be no complications or touching.

Yeah, right. Passion flares, along with tenderness. Kyle recognizes how lonely Lexi really is, while she’s falling hard. Through intimate days and impassioned nights, they explore their most shameless needs, until a cruel betrayal exposes their growing love, forcing a choice neither anticipated.


Chapter One

“Let me get this straight,” Kyle Griffin said. His attention remained on the flat screen TV suspended above the bar, the Braves-Phillies game. “You’re asking me to shack up with Vampira.”

Pete Wolnecki made a strangled noise.

Kyle had no idea if Pete was stifling laughter or choking on his five-alarm chili. Its spicy aroma mingled with an abundance of fragrances—the sweet scent of corn, tomatoes and cheese from the other Mexican fare, the tang of foreign and domestic beer, smoke that clung to the patron’s clothing, faint perfume from the ladies and a hint of pine from the Douglas firs surrounding this place.

Clearing his throat, Pete spoke in a raspy voice just loud enough for Kyle to hear. “Her name’s Lexi.”

Several men groaned before Kyle could.

The guy closest to him whined, “Did you see that? The receptionist in my office plays better ball.”

“With any guy she can find,” his buddy said.

They both laughed.

The game broke for a commercial. Good thing. The Braves were having a shitty night, no different than the kind Kyle had experienced during the worst days of his pro-football career. With his back to the TV, he planted his elbows on the lip of the polished oak bar and regarded two young women who stood yards away at the pool table.

Dressed in stretchy halter-tops, denim short-shorts and black flip-flops, the ladies giggled in unison, like a well-practiced duet. The guys with them winced when the shorter of the girls overshot the ball, the tip of her cue just missing the table’s green felt.

With a look that was all innocence, she asked her date, “It’s still my turn until I hit it, right?”

Kyle couldn’t watch. He swung his gaze to the left of them, the small stage for local bands that played on the weekends. Beyond it, snuggled against the wall, were a series of booths that offered subdued lighting and privacy. In the last one, away from everyone else, sat Vampira.

Her name’s Lexi.

Whatever. For the second time tonight, Kyle regarded her black shoulder length hair and bangs, black clothing, black lipstick and nail polish. The Goth/vampire look with a touch of Frederick’s of Hollywood thrown in given her denim mini skirt and short-sleeved top. His eyes flicked lower. The ends of her top tied beneath her ample breasts to bare her midriff, a smooth expanse of taut, creamy flesh.

He cleared his throat at its sudden tightness and inched his gaze higher. Anywhere else, her get-up would have gotten her noticed. Here in Marin County, California, staring was politically incorrect. The weirder one appeared the less attention one got. There were simply too many locals who looked as she did…slightly strange.

Of course, they weren’t also oddly seductive.

Against his better judgment, Kyle dragged his gaze over her again, taking his time since she didn’t seem to notice him or anyone else. Her full attention remained on the TV commercial, as though she was really into the product. Pepsi by the sound of the jingle.

Its music grew thunderous, frenzied with fake joy. Around him, beer bottles clinked against each other or on top of the tables and bar. The guys at the pool table laughed.

Warmth radiated from Kyle’s chest to his neck. Her irises sparkled, reflecting the light from garish neon signs for Coors, Bud, Miller, Corona. From this distance, her eyes appeared to be light blue, framed by sooty lashes. She was young, no more than mid-twenties, her features not beautiful but decidedly pretty, her figure definitely worth a third or fourth stare.

The game resumed. Men readjusted their bulk on their chairs or stools.
Without pause, she lowered her gaze to the drink between her hands, its dark amber color making it soda or ice tea.

Kyle glanced at her glass, sweaty with moisture, then edged his scrutiny back to her breasts. The lush globes wiggled slightly with each of her deep sighs. She did that a lot. He wasn’t about to consider why. Riveted by her clingy top, he imagined her sweet little nipples hard and puckered, prepared for a man’s mouth. So, what color were her nipples anyway? A dusky rose to match her black hair or were they pink to complement her milky skin? Unless she’d painted the areolas and tips black too.

Rather than surprising Kyle, the thought intrigued. Would they taste of licorice or chocolate or something even better, the succulent flavor of soft female flesh?

She shifted slightly and brought her hand to her top, pulling the deep V of the neck closer together, covering herself, keeping the view from him.
Busted, Kyle wasn’t about to look her in the eye or encourage her in the least. Ignoring the dull, needy ache in his groin, he gave a parting glance to her fringed cowgirl boots, and turned to see the girl who’d nearly desecrated the pool table. Or rather, his pool table. For three years now, everything in Kickoff’s Roadhouse belonged to him, Pete and the bank.

Bent at the waist, the girl wiggled her ass while preparing to take her next shot. The backs of her legs were seamless. Her black thong peeked from the top of her short-shorts, which bared the bottom of her ass nicely.

At any other time, Kyle might have enjoyed the view. Knowing the damage she might inflict on his table, he clenched his teeth and waited for the worst.

“Sands,” Pete said, dropping his spoon into the bowl.

It clattered loudly. The girl’s cue clacked against the side of the table, no doubt denting the wood with her missed shot.

“Oh shit,” she moaned.

Blindly, Kyle reached behind himself for his Heineken.

Pete leaned so close Kyle could smell chili pepper and a hint of Coors on the man’s breath.

“Lexi Sands,” Pete said, his voice at a pitch those around them couldn’t possibly overhear. “And I’m not suggesting you shack up with her. Like I said, she needs a place to stay for a couple of days, away from the publicity, the crowds, you know? No more than a week. You have an extra room in your cabin. She’s willing to pay. Three grand. I did mention that, right?” He eased away and plowed ahead, not waiting for an answer. “We could use the dough for this joint.”

You can find Tina at

And you can purchase your copy of Take Me Away from Ellora's Cave at

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Release for Renee Vincent!

Before I begin, I'd like to take this moment to thank the very talented Tess MacKall for having me on her blog today for the continuation of my Blog Tour & Giveaway. I just love the title: Hotter Than A Sultry Southern Night.

Now while I my new release, SILENT PARTNER, takes place in the northern region of the US (Boston to be exact), rest assured I'll keep the post within the 'sultry' atmosphere, giving the readers another teaser between my sexy hero, Grayson Anders, and my oh-so-smitten heroine, Chloe LaRoche. Hope you enjoy!

*And remember to leave me a comment on this post with your email address so you can be entered in my Blog Tour Giveaway! The prize includes an autographed print book from my backlist (winner's choice), assorted bookmarks, and a $15 gift certificate to Amazon! See HERE for contest details.

Silent Partner

Available Now At:
Kindle | Nook | ARe | Smashwords | CTR | BookStrand | Turquoise Morning Press  (Print book coming soon!)

Grayson Anders has it all. He’s the co-owner of a happening nightclub in downtown Boston, he’s wealthy, and women practically throw themselves at his feet the moment he steps on the dance floor. But profiting from these obvious benefits is not his desire. His passion is dancing and he wants nothing more than to find the perfect dance partner.

Chloe LaRoche is a talented artist, but a failing entrepreneur. Her once thriving studio is now on the brink of foreclosure and unless she paints the next Van Gogh Starry Night, she’ll have to cut her losses and say goodbye to her quaint little gallery. Fearing her career is at an end, she drags herself to the local hot spot, determined to drown her worries in the bottom of a shot glass. At least that was the plan…until she lays eyes on a wickedly sexy, swarthy dancer in the club—Grayson Anders.

Unable to resist, Chloe finds herself in Grayson’s arms, indulging in a passionate, out-of-control, one night stand. And when they awaken the next morning, they are both consumed with inspiration.

Grayson finds his perfect dance partner and Chloe finally finds her muse. But, will her secret destroy both their dreams?

With his hands smoothing down her neck, his fingertips blazed a trail to her shoulders where he traced her clavicles, opening the collar of her blouse. Immediately, he bent to kiss her there, his lips brushing over her now goose-pimpled flesh.

Oh, he was good, so damn good at foreplay that she could hardly brace herself for what was to come of his love making. There was no time to prime herself. He pulled her from the wall and steered her through the maze of furniture in his spacious living room, down the hall to his bedroom. Ready or not, he was going to strip away her clothes, piece by piece, and have his way with her.

…all night long.
The thought itself was enough to steal her breath away, until his talented hands unbuttoned her blouse—more fluently than she ever could—and pushed it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. By the time she felt the coolness of the air on her bare skin, his arms had wrapped around her, enveloping her with instant heat.

If she had any thought of feeling insecure with her near-naked state, the strength of his embrace was more comforting than anything she could imagine. Even through the darkness, she could see his smile as he gazed over her, his eyes enjoying the sight of her breasts cupped in pale blue lace.

As they turned the corner to his room, silver moonlight poured in from the large bare window beside his bed. She could see clearly the lust in his amber eyes and it was evident he could see her small dark areolas through the sheerness of her bra.

He brought his hands up to them again, but this time tenderly, letting only his fingertips graze over her nipples peaking tightly against the cloth. She shuddered beneath his touch, her hands clutching his shoulders for support.

“Hm…you are so gorgeous. And to think I had you pegged as the plain white cotton type.” Slowly, he dragged his fiery fingertips down her stomach, letting them slip just beneath her waistband. “What do you have down here? Matching panties?”

She could only smile nervously, spinning around to let him see the long zipper running the length of her skirt. She felt his hands smooth over the skin of her waist before he tugged on it. Leisurely, he drew it downward, revealing inch by inch the sight of her bare bottom flossed with a thin string.

His breath escaped him as the denim fell to the floor. “A thong,” he mumbled, his hands grabbing her hips and pulling her close.

His warm breath tickled her earlobe as he spoke, but she was too caught up in the feel of his hands moving across her stomach to really care. All she could think of was the tingling of her sex, the warm pool of arousal between her legs, and the strong longing she felt for him to touch her.

She melted in his arms as his hand slipped down between her legs, cupping her, petting her. The heat of his touch against the rasp of her lace panties cramped her belly with a painful need, an undeniable longing that grew with every purposeful graze of his fingers.

She spun in his arms and faced him, her hands resting on the slight swell of his bare chest. She took his lips, reveling in the feel of the hard muscle beneath her palms, the firmness of his sexy, all-male body. Imagining every part of him was toned, she wanted to stroke him everywhere, starting with his narrow hips and succulent bottom.

She swiped her hands across his torso and circled around his lower back, slithering into his pants. Gaining a handful, she squeezed, drawing him near.

“Let me make it easier on you,” he said, unfastening his fly.

She glanced up, his face twisting between a look of pleasure and pain as she shifted one hand to the front and took hold. She felt him tremble in her hand, his mouth parting to release a groan. He tipped his head back and closed his eyes, his hands gripping her pelvis for dear life. There was no doubt he liked her touch and she hoped he would also enjoy her intercourse.

She was not used to having casual sex—with anyone—and she wasn’t sure what she should expect or how much she should offer. For her, sex came with commitment, with feelings, with love. And though she hadn’t had many partners in the past, she could at least say those few encounters involved some sort of deep emotion before the sex came into play.

Here, with this man, there was nothing but carnal lust.

They didn’t know each other outside the club, nor did they even know each others’ names. As she watched him react to her hand pleasuring him, she didn’t think he cared what her name was anyway.

Sure, she could probably come to feel something for him as he was certainly a man worth falling for. But when it came to having sex with him, she couldn’t help but wonder if he’d remember her in the morning. If she, as a person, would ever cross his mind again.

Don’t complicate it, Chloe.

Yeah, that’s what she was doing. And heaven knows she didn’t need any more complications in her life. This was supposed to be a moment to indulge herself. To forget her problems for one night and live it up. To have nothing but no-strings-attached, wild sex with a man hardly worth resisting.

Hardly worth regretting come sunup.

Intent on moving forward before she talked herself out it, she lifted her foot and caught his leather pants, pushing them to the floor. At that moment, his eyes flew open and a smile flirted at the corners of his mouth.

“You are certainly full of surprises tonight, sweet thing. You…sitting at the bar like a spectator, looking out into the crowd like you wished you could dance. When all along you knew how to dance as if you’ve done it all your life.” His eyes fell over her, admiring her, memorizing the curves of her body amid her lacy lingerie. “Then you hide this little number under an unflattering straight-laced silk blouse and skirt. Who would’ve thought?”

Chloe swallowed hard, wondering if he had just praised her for being unpredictable or if he had given her a backhanded compliment.

He cocked his brow, eyeing her differently now. “Not much for talking, are you?”

Her heart skipped. Did he really expect her to talk? Maybe she wasn’t cut out for this casual sex thing after all.

“Okay, I get it,” he replied with a wink. “Sex now…talk later. That’s fine by me.”

If you missed the previous blog spots on my Blog Tour & Giveaway, you can go there now:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Melissa Bradley Is Here!

Foreign Affairs

Close your eyes and picture it…Exotic, distant lands…steamy, sultry nights where spices perfume the air and musical languages you don’t understand swirl around you. Can you see? Hear it? Look just over there beyond the crowd. There he stands, a gorgeous specimen of masculinity. He turns and looks directly at you. The quickening in your belly makes you feel warm and shivery. He smiles, then starts toward you with confident, liquid grace, a panther among house cats. His gaze homes in on you and you’re no longer thinking of what to drink, but rather of long, slow, wet kisses and heated caresses…

Ahem! Nearly went overboard there. These are exactly the kinds of things I was thinking about when I envisioned the plot for my new release, Byzantine Provocateur. I always wondered what it would be like to indulge in a foreign affair. The kind one loves to read about, the kind they make movies about, the kind one fantasizes about. Needless to say, my creative juices went into hyperdrive when I created this story. Enjoy!

Byzantine Provocateur

Amber Quill Press/Amber Heat

ISBN 978-1-61124-072-6


An ancient city sparks forbidden desire…
Thalia Burton arrives in Istanbul to relax and enjoy the company of her old friend. Hoping to forget the boring rut her life had become, she never imagines one meeting with Fadi's brother re-igniting the dim flame of passion inside her. Captivated by the heat in his golden eyes, Thalia finds herself tempted beyond reason...
Murat Bahar had only intended to meet Thalia as a courtesy to his family. One look at the lovely American incinerates his intentions. She is an exquisite morsel he longs to taste, a taboo treat enthralling him like a siren of myth. Perhaps just one night…
Once is not enough. Thalia and Murat embark on a fiery, secret affair that could burn them both, costing them friends and family.

Thalia and Murat are getting together for the very first time…

He caressed her in slow circles, kneading and rubbing her from breasts to belly. She quivered from the heat of his hand through the cotton of her shirt. Her breath hitched as he inched lower and lower. Palming her through her cargo pants, he massaged, squeezing and pressing until she thought she’d die.
Pliant and wanton, she dropped her head to his shoulder, undulating, pushing into his touch. Her blood sizzled, every cell in her body clamoring for him to be inside her and he hadn’t even started to remove her clothes. She whimpered, digging her nails into his forearm.
His lips curved in a smile against her neck. “Please…what?”
She inhaled sharply as he flicked open the button of her trousers.
“This?” He nipped her earlobe. “Or this?” Oh-so-slowly, he eased down her zipper, then teased a finger along the top of her panties.
She dragged in a breath. “I…I…”
Back and forth, he rubbed, skimming the top of her mound. She sagged against him, knees bent, thighs parting to give him better access.
Continuing to tease her, he reached up with his other hand up to cup her breast, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. A wave of desire slammed through her and she cried out as he worked the hardened nub through the barrier of fabric.
Her vision clouded. “Murat!”
“Shh. This is only the beginning. We have plenty of time to play.”
She shuddered in frustration, wanting nothing more than to be flat on her back with him sliding inside her, bringing her to a volcanic climax. Something she hadn’t gotten from a lover in a long time. On the ragged edge, she tried to maneuver out of his embrace, take control.
He scraped his teeth over the nape of her neck and smacked her rear.
Hayir, no,” he rasped.
Clamping his hands to her hips, Murat walked her to the bed, the hard promise of his erection burning into her lower back. He ripped the duvet from the bed, scattering pillows, then pushed her onto the mattress.
Thalia sat stunned as Murat knelt between her thighs. What is he doing?
“The first time with a new lover should be a symphony of bliss, a journey to be savored.”
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everything's Comin' Up Cowboys!

Everything's comin' up cowboys around here today with the release of Return to Delight from the Lawless line at Ellora's Cave. When I found out my friend Mari Carr's book, Inflamed, was set for the same date (and it's ALSO in the Lawless line) we couldn't resist teaming up for a cowboy contest! Beginning today and lasting until midnight on Friday, we'll ask you some pretty simple questions and the winners will win a book from our backlist.

Mari and I both have a 'cowboy question' to pose. While you're on my blog, take a look at my question but head over to Mari's blog and leave the answer in her comment box. While at Mari's blog, read her question but answer it on MY blog by clicking HERE. Easy right? We'll each name a winner on Saturday morning at our respective blogs.

My question: What is the downright sexiest thing about a cowboy?

 Important! Answer this question in the comment section at Mari's blog

Buy it HERE!


Harley June Baker left Delight thinking never to return, but when circumstances draw her back to this tiny town and straight into Cooper’s strong arms, she knows she’s in deep trouble. The man she’d loved and left behind is now one sexy devil-in-denim and hotter than a Texas summer night. With his every wicked touch throwing her senses into overdrive, how could any sane woman resist?

Cooper Dobbs is a man on a mission. He let Harley get away once, but never again. Knowing it’s time to burn up some sheets with the delectable woman, Cooper plies her with a raw, savage passion that threatens to incinerate them both. It’s gonna take plenty of panty-drenching sex and a fair amount of sweet-talkin’ to make Harley his, but Cooper reckons he’s up to the challenge.


Copyright © REGINA CARLYSLE, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

Harley June Baker tightened her grip on the steering wheel of her candy-apple red Mazda Miata and pressed a booted foot on the accelerator as she swept past the powder blue sign that read Welcome to Delight! Serving up miles of smiles deep in the heart of Texas!

Yeah, right.

She did the whole mental eye roll thing. All the town of Delight ever served up was a healthy dose of boredom. Around these parts, the citizens of this tiny Hill Country town called the place Dee-light with a heavy emphasis on the “e” but as a starry-eyed teenager with a thirst for excitement and adventure, all she’d really wanted was to get the hell out. Back then the place was one dead-end road to nowhere but now she wasn’t so sure. Childhood memories rolled slowly over her threatening to take her under.

The blast of nostalgia hit her, quite unexpectedly, and she blinked back tears as she thought of her mom and how much she missed her. Deborah had died a few months ago leaving Harley June a million good memories along with an aging Victorian that had been in the family for countless generations. For as long as she could remember it had just been her and Mom. She didn’t know her dad. He’d hung around long enough to name her after his favorite motorcycle and then one day, he’d gotten on it and driven away never to return.

What a shithead!

Her mom had been a wonderful woman but he’d been too young and stupid to see that. She and Mom had done okay though. When she reached adulthood, she realized that not only did she look like Mom but that she’d inherited a sassy streak of independence and a hard-work ethic that was pure Deb Baker.

Harley stopped at a red light in the center of Main and flipped on her right turn signal. Leaving Mom a dozen years ago to chase her dreams had been one of the hardest things she’d ever done. She turned at the First Methodist Church and drove the three blocks to Austin Road. Her hands began to tremble and tears filled her eyes when she took in the long, tree-lined street with its neatly paved sidewalks. When she was little, she’d mastered bike riding and in-line skates on those concrete paths. In the distance she spotted the big Victorian that had been in her family for generations. She shouldn’t sell it! She should keep it and see if she could make a different kind of life for herself in this small town that held her childhood memories.

“No! I can’t stay. There’s nothing for me here,” she argued aloud. Then her eyes narrowed as she saw the shiny black bad-boy truck parked in front of the house. Next to the vehicle sat a giant-sized toolbox and several cans of paint. Harley June pulled up behind the truck and turned off the ignition. She’d hired Connelly Brothers Construction to do an eensy face-lift on the house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Obviously they’d followed her instructions and had sent someone over to begin work. She had emailed several days ago telling them she’d be in town and it was good to see they’d gotten a start on things.

Grabbing her purse from the passenger seat, she stepped out and walked to the sidewalk, stopping to take in the wide, old-fashioned veranda with its large round pillars and the high gables of the roofline. Someone had repainted the double front doors a dark charcoal and had planted bold, red geraniums in the iron urns flanking the entrance.


It was beyond strange considering she was selling. Yes, they were lovely but who would do such a thing?

Frowning a little, she advanced, her boot heels knocking smartly on the front walkway. As she headed up the wide steps to the porch, she stopped then caught her breath and held it. Nostalgia mixed with bittersweet longing curled tightly in her chest as Cooper Dobbs stood there looking at her through a pair of heavily lashed smoky-colored eyes. Bare-chested and holding a well-used paintbrush, he grinned broadly. A pair of dimples dipped into his bronzed cheeks and his blacker-than-night hair was mussed as if he’d repeatedly raked his fingers through it. A portion of that sexy black stuff drooped over his forehead. His eyes crinkled at the corners as he dropped the paintbrush onto a broad swath of canvas on the floor of the porch. “Well, hey Harley June! It’s about damn time you came home,” he drawled as he reached into a back pocket to grab a crumpled blue bandanna. He wiped futilely at the pale gray paint smears on his deliciously mounded chest and dragged it over a set of washboard abs.

Was there drool on her chin?

Buy it HERE!

Stuck in a rut in every way possible, Keri decides her first step in a bid for change is moving back to the Texas home she left years ago. The second step? Spicing up her sex life with the crazy-hot cowboys she left behind. Too responsible (and smart) to touch her way back when, Max and Shaw filled Keri’s hottest teen dreams. Now she’s older, wiser—and more than ready to make up for lost time.

Max and Shaw were always fond of Keri, but the stunning woman strutting back into their lives is a far cry from the serious, studious teen they remember. She wants to take a walk on the racy side—with both of them—and the cowboys are only too happy to oblige. As they suspected, the sex is explosive, though Max and Shaw aren’t sure Keri can really handle everything they have to give.

Nor do they know if she can handle the sexy secret they’ve yet to divulge.

An Excerpt From: INFLAMED

Copyright © MARI CARR, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Shaw tossed back the last of his beer and then waved the waitress over, asking her to set them up with another round. They’d danced up a sweat, Max and Shaw each taking turns with Keri on the floor.

“Thought you said you couldn’t two-step,” Shaw said. She’d more than held her own, twirling to the music like a professional dancer.

She laughed. “You were right. I’d never had the right partners before.”

Shaw considered her answer and the way she looked at them. Her gaze was hungry, inviting. He glanced at Max, but his friend shook his head slightly. Obviously Max was going to be stubborn. Shaw was tempted to pull him outside and tell him how often Keri’s hand had grazed his ass when they were dancing. She was putting out more than a few signals, and his pigheaded friend was pointedly ignoring them.

Shaw looked at her flushed face and decided it was probably time for a break.

“How about a game of pool?” he suggested. “There’s a small room off the back of the bar that doesn’t get used much.”

Keri nodded quickly. “Sounds like fun. I haven’t played pool since college.”

Shaw rubbed his hands together as they rose and started toward the back room. He gave her an appraising look. “Is that right? Hmmm. Maybe we should come up with a wager then.”

Max shook his head, laughing. “He’s a shark, Keri. Beware.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about me,” Keri replied. She stood and let Shaw tug her toward the pool room before continuing. “I may have been gone awhile but I have a very long memory. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you scamming me out of two weeks’ allowance while teaching me how to play Texas Hold ’Em my sophomore year.”

Shaw laughed at the memory. “Hey, darlin’. I warned you before you joined that game, if you played with the big dogs, you were bound to get bit.”

“Maybe so, but be warned, sometimes the puppy bites back.”

Her sexy innuendo was accompanied by a quick glance below his waist. Shaw reconciled himself to the fact that his cock—which had been residing at half-mast most of the night—was finished fooling around and had made a full-fledged appearance. Nothing short of sex or a quick hand-job in the bathroom was going to cure that affliction. Keri noticed his problem and gave him a wicked grin.

“By the way,” she said, “you can’t claim that as a handicap.”

Shaw’s mouth went dry at her red-hot tease and he looked around to see if Max had heard. Sadly, his friend was still at the table handing the waitress some money and grabbing their fresh beers. Fuck. It was going to be a long night.

They walked into the back room and claimed the pool table just being vacated by a couple of cowboys. The room was dark and dingy and the table wasn’t exactly level, which explained why no one ever used it. Shaw was simply using it as an excuse to get Keri alone for a little while. The loud music was dimmed by the walls, so there was no way Max could continue to pretend not to hear that she was coming on to them.

Shaw narrowed his eyes as one of the men leaving the room slowed his departure to check out Keri more thoroughly. She was wearing a miniskirt that was two inches too close to baring too much for Shaw’s comfort. While he hadn’t minded getting a good look at her long, luscious legs in the truck on the way here, he’d been battling the impulse to pulverize every man who’d leered at her since they’d entered the bar.

“So how do you want to do this?” Keri asked as she picked up a pool cue. “Kind of hard to play pool with three people.”

“You’re on my team,” Max replied, entering the room and setting the beers down on the lone table. “We’ll take turns shooting against Shaw.”

Shaw narrowed his eyes. “How come you get Keri? Maybe I want her on my team.”

Keri laughed. “Believe me, I’m going to be the weakest link. Personally, I think you two should be fighting over who has to take me.”

Shaw suppressed a groan. He wanted to take her, all right. “I don’t think that’s ever gonna be a fight Max and I will have.”

Max threw him a warning glance as he bent down to rack the balls. “We’ll take turns. I get Keri for the first game. You can have her next time.”

“Or,” Shaw said, rubbing chalk over the tip of his cue, “we could share her. She’ll play with both of us.” Shaw walked up behind her, bending her slightly over the table. “In the interest of sharing our vast experience with you, of course.” He handed her the stick and wrapped his arms around her, pretending to show her how to hold the pool cue. The move was purely sensual. Shaw ignored the daggers he could feel Max shooting in his direction as his friend finished racking the balls. Shaw was done pretending so that Max could soothe his guilty conscience. She may still be sweet Keri, but she wasn’t an innocent by any stretch of the imagination. Time to take off the kid gloves.

Keri grinned as she looked over her shoulder. His wicked intentions weren’t lost on her. She bent lower and pushed back slightly, her ass rubbing against Shaw’s cock.

“Like this?” she purred.

He gritted his teeth in an attempt to withstand her sneak attack. She’d taken him down with his own weapon. There was no way to mistake her movements as anything other than a pure come-on.

All bets were off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waking Maggie by Cindy Jacks

Maggie’s just decided she’s been stood up when she bumps into hard-bodied guitarist Calvin—literally. Once the shock of their abrupt meeting wears off, Calvin asks Maggie out for a drink and she figures, why not? She’s all dressed up for a date…just not this one.

She enjoys his company, even if he’s only twenty-seven and she’s forty…something. And while witty conversation’s all good, they’re just as compatible in bed. One drink turns into multiple romps between the sheets. He’s old enough to know how to make love to a woman and young enough to look damn fine doing it…and doing it. He even manages to convince Maggie she’s still pretty hot herself.

Now if he would just stop serenading her with that infernal Rod Stewart song.

An Excerpt From: WAKING MAGGIE
Copyright © CINDY JACKS, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
The sound of a gently strummed guitar roused Maggie from sleep. Eyelids flickering open, she saw Calvin sitting in the tufted chair next to the bed, his acoustic guitar on his lap. A lazy smile tugged at her lips.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Good morning, babe.” He shifted his grip on the fretboard to strike a chord and then slid his fingers back to another. “I’m serenading you…obviously.
“Is it after ten?” Maggie sat up, stretched.
“Of course. And there’s coffee on your nightstand.”
With delight, she picked up the steaming mug and inhaled—Viennese roast, her favorite. The first sip slid down her throat, smooth as velvet.
He turned his attention to the guitar again and started singing under his breath.
She rolled her eyes. “You know I hate that song.”
Calvin chuckled, a boyish gleam in his hazel eyes. “But I’m sure Rod Stewart wrote it for you.”
“Contrary to popular belief, I am not that old.”
Continuing to strum the melody, he shook his head. “That’s not what I meant.”
As Maggie’s gaze roamed over the young man’s taut, muscular body, she noticed he was sitting there stark naked, the guitar covering some of his most admirable attributes.
Her eye grew wide. “What have I done to deserve a morning serenade with you au naturel?
“You don’t remember?” he asked, plucking individual notes.
A gust of wind outside the bedroom window drew her attention. The great oak out back danced, shaking loose a few vermillion leaves.
“Of course I remember,” she murmured, setting down her cup and rising from the bed. Smoothing her silk nightie over her ample curves, she padded across the shag carpet and kissed his soft cheek. “Happy anniversary, baby.”
He stopped playing and set aside the guitar, revealing a red ribbon around his cock. “Are you ready for your present?”
Clapping a hand over her mouth, Maggie let out a yelp of amusement. “You’re certifiable, you know that?”
She caught a glimpse of herself in the dresser mirror. Messy blonde curls cascaded down to her shoulders and her eyes looked a little puffy from sleep. Skin not quite as fresh and tight as his—maybe the morning sun really did show her age, as the song stated. Still, not bad for a women of forty-something.
Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her onto his lap. She twined her fingers through his longish bronze hair. A hungry smirk on his face, he brushed his lips over hers. She felt his cock twitch against her thigh.
“We should unwrap you before you cut off your circulation,” she said, pulling one end of the ribbon.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Cougar Curse Releases Today

Well, the time has finally arrived and Black Cougar Curse, co-authored with Natalie Dae releases from Ellora's Cave today. It's a steamy shifter story with a hero and heroine to die for. And I'm not just saying that because I was one of the writers. lol

Sam Starr is a Cherokee Indian guide in the Great Smoky Mountains who has been waiting for love for two hundred years. That's a long time to wait. Lucia is a city gal hell bent on finding out what happened to her father, a nature photographer. Their lives intersect with the mythical black cougar.

Sam and Lucia both have trouble coming to terms with the changes in their lives and both must give in for love to survive.

Here's the blurb:
Deep in the mountain wilderness, Lucia Chavez searches for closure to her father’s death, and the mythical black cougar he sought. Drop-dead sexy Cherokee Indian guide Sam Starr knows more than he’s telling. After he saves Lucia from being swept away in a mudslide, the bath they both need turns steamy indeed. Sam and Lucia are living proof that near-death experiences can bring two people closer together—they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Amidst danger and mystery, Sam and Lucia explore the lust that burns between them. If their desire gets any stronger it could bring down the mountains. Ancient secrets hold the key to their unbridled sexual need. Was their passion written in the stars?

One man. One woman. A curse that binds them—and could tear them apart.

Get your sexy on and read an excerpt here:

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